Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, trying to navigate the challenges of burnout in today’s fast-paced world?

Join us as we delve into her transformative COAT productivity system and discover how taking intentional actions can lead to extraordinary results in your personal and professional life.

I am truly honored to be a featured guest on Insights To Live By, hosted by the insightful Matt Zinman. In this captivating episode titled ‘Practical Productivity with Sarah Ohanesian,’ we dive deep into the nuances of tackling burnout and unlocking peak efficiency in the modern work landscape. Join us on a journey of insights and actionable strategies as we explore the dynamic intersection of well-being and productivity.

Listen Here:

We are talking about:

  • Embracing a holistic approach to addressing burnout by working with both companies and individuals, focusing on team dynamics, leadership, and individual coaching.

  • Acknowledging that burnout is not always a standalone problem; there might be underlying issues related to culture, processes, or individual challenges that need exploration.

  • Recognizing the importance of neurodiversity in teams and how different brains process information, emphasizing the need for accommodations and understanding in the workplace.

  • Integrating task management and project management software into company practices to enhance organization, especially crucial in the remote and hybrid work era.

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