Asana Set-Up & Onboarding with an

You want to use a task management tool. But, you keep putting it off because new systems can be a time-consuming challenge.

You picked Asana for your task management system. You signed up and logged in. You are all excited.

But after the initial login, you feel stuck and a little overwhelmed.

  • How do you use this?
  • What’s the best way to set it up?
  • Should the whole team be using this?
  • What is a section?
  • What does a template do?

You quickly log out and plan to get back to it later, “when you have more time” to really dive into it. But, you haven’t gotten back to it..yet!

Asana + Productivity = Get the Right Things Done

An Asana Certified Pro (who is also a Productivity Coach), I can help you set-up a process to help your employees get more done, so your business can grow and thrive using Asana!

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  • New systems can be confusing and frustrating. 

  • Get the most out of using Asana.

  • Able to tailor Asana to meet your needs.

  • Someone to train your team.

  • Optimize and adjust your systems to grow over time. 

  • Your go-to expert on new features and ways to use Asana.

Sarah Ohanesian Productivity Coach

I’m Sarah, Asana Certified Pro

I know what it feels like to make key decisions all day, have everyone tugging for your attention and then have “what’s for dinner?” put you over the edge. As a busy CMO, at the end of the day (sometimes night), I couldn’t process one more thing or be fully present at home. Outwardly, I was on top of my career, running a multi-million dollar business, respected by my peers. Inside, my stress got out of control. I lived to work. I was exhausted.

So, I created a simple system to get back control of my day and my life. It worked! I started accomplishing more, leaving the office during daylight and running a sustainable race toward success.

Now, I help busy professionals do the same. I don’t believe in huge overhauls, that’s disruptive and rarely works. Instead, I create easy-to-implement programs for overwhelmed professionals who are ready to say buh bye to stress, anxiety, mental clutter, and analysis paralysis, and hello to clarity, purpose, and success. I bring systems and quick productivity wins to your day so that you can get back control of your time, accomplish more, and be present when you are done at 5.

Use Asana to accomplish more.

How It Works…


Meeting with the key team members to align processes, pain points, and goals for using Asana.


I’ll design a productivity process, structure, and strategy for your team. Projects, sections, and task templates are created within Asana.


I’ll onboard and train your team so everyone can hit the ground running.


We’ll do a post-mortem one month after implementation to determine what’s working and make any tweaks if needed.

Get the most of your Asana.

Think of me, your Asana Certified Pro, as your personal guide to making the most of Asana. I will consult with you and your team on goals, tailor Asana to meet your needs, train your workgroup, and help optimize and adjust your systems to grow with you over time. Plus, as an Asana Certified Pro, I’m looped in to what’s happening at Asana, so I’m your go-to expert on new features and ways to use Asana.

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I understand how productivity best practices can fall to the back burner.


Especially as employees are “just trying to get through the day.” (I hear that a lot). But, you’d be surprised how a few small changes can impact the team, the workday…and the business’s bottom line.

Imagine if everyone knew exactly what to work on every day with clarity and focus. You might be wondering…is that even possible? Yes, they can.

And a team that knows what to do in the time they have will leave both employers and employees feeling accomplished, fulfilled, and energized at the end of each day.

“Great job today. I think the team got a lot out of it and I’ve already gone in and created templates and projects for them.”

– Krysta V., Learning & Development Consultant