Are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by the demands of your professional and personal life?

Discover how to shift from feeling overwhelmed to thriving as Sarah provides practical strategies for staying focused, organized, and mindful in both personal and professional endeavors. Don’t miss this insightful conversation on implementing a neuro-inclusive approach to productivity and achieving extraordinary results in every aspect of your life.

I am absolutely thrilled to have been a guest on “Grit, Grace, and Glitz,” hosted by the amazing Erica Rothenberger. In this thought-provoking episode titled ‘The Grit to Shift from Trauma to Thriving,’ Erica and I delved into the challenges of burnout and how to transition from trauma to thriving in the fast-paced world we live in. Join us for an engaging conversation filled with practical strategies and empowering insights as we explore the intersection of resilience, productivity, and personal growth.

Listen Here:

We are talking about:

  • The importance of aligning decisions with larger goals and purposes. Making conscious choices based on what truly matters and is in line with your objectives contributes to a more purpose-driven and focused approach.

  • The significance of recognizing signs of burnout and its impact on physical and mental health. Understanding the warning signs and implementing strategies to prevent burnout allows for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

  • The art of time management and capacity assessment. Realizing the realistic time and energy commitment, and strategizing based on available resources, assists in balancing multiple responsibilities effectively.

  • Embracing the mindset of taking calculated risks and not succumbing to ‘what if’ regrets. Encouraging the pursuit of aspirations while considering the worst-case scenarios, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and perhaps avoid future uncertain regrets.

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