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Command the Chaos: The 4-Step Productivity System for Business Professionals. Self-paced, digital course for motivated go-getters. You’ll get access to my entire COAT Productivity System. 


Need to make this happen? For real this time. Coaching for business leaders and busy professionals who want personalized help on-site, in-person, or virtually.


Speaking, training, and workshop facilitating. I’ll work with your team or organization to help your team or event attendees get more productive through productivity and time management.


As an Asana Certified Partner,  I help busy teams set up processes to get more done, so your business can grow and thrive using Asana.

Command the Chaos

The Four-Step Productivity System for Busy Professionals.

I’ve packaged up the entire system that allowed me and hundreds of my clients to command the chaos of life as a busy professional. It’s in an easy-to-implement system and now it’s all yours!

I’ll teach you my proprietary COAT productivity system. Change how you work for good!  

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Life’s Too Short for Burnout

I’m Sarah Ohanesian. A Chief Marketing Officer turned Productivity Coach, Speaker & Trainer – I built the systems, tools, and templates I needed to manage life as a busy CMO. Now, I share everything I’ve learned and created. I coach and train busy professionals on how to get more done and ultimately get back control of their time.

I’m on a mission to fight burnout and increase happiness at work. Through my programs, I help people clarify their thoughts, organize their work, and take meaningful action. Because when you are efficient with what you need to do you have more time and energy for what you want to do and the people you love.

“Thanks so much for your recent session. I am absolutely ecstatic about the way our client projects are being organized now, and it is making it a million times easier for the team members to understand who is working on what and what the current statuses are. You are simply amazing!!! Your session should be required for anyone managing a business.

-Erica Quigley, Poka-Yoke Solutions

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